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Ford Ranger 2.5

Year Alternator Starter Note  1998 3G L10  1999 3G L10  2000 3G L10  2001 3G L10

Ford Ranger 2.3

Year Alternator Starter Note  1992 3G L10  1993 3G L10  1994 3G L10  1995 3G L10  1996 3G L10  1997 3G L10  2001 6G8265BK No Kit  2002 6G8265BK No Kit  2003 6G8265BK No Kit  2004 6G8265BK No Kit  2005 6G8265BK No Kit  2006 6G8265BK No Kit  2007 6G8518BK No Kit  2008 6G8518BK No Kit  2009 […]

Ford Expedition 5.4

Year Alternator Starter Note  1997 3G L12  1998 3G L12  1999 3G LOF  2000 3G LOF  2001 3G LOF  2002 3G LOF  2003 6G8305BK 6G8303BK LOF  2004 6G8305BK 6G8303BK LOF  2005 6G8443WB 6G8444 (No Kit) LOF  2006 No Kit LOF  2007 No Kit LOF  2008 No Kit LOF  2009 No Kit LOF

Ford E-series Engine Sizes

4.2 (256) V6 4.6 (281) V8 4.9 (300) L6 5.0 (302) V8 5.4 (330) V8 5.8 (351) V8 6.0D (363) V8 6.8 (415) V10 7.3D (445) V8 7.5 (460) V8

Vintage Corvette Starter

This starter is a PERFECT OEM rebuild. It has been completely restored by professionals with every detail, to be exactly like it was the day it was produced at the factory. We recommend this starter for competition, and original fanatic Chev’y guys. The rebuilder with limited warranty for 1 year.     196? 110736? Vintage […]


VOLTAGE REGULATOR DEFINITION The following is a definition and explanation of  the basic functions of the most popular domestic voltage regulators in the US automotive market in a timeline order that they were implemented. A voltage regulator is nothing more than a device that maintains a predetermined voltage in any electrical system. It’s function is to […]


Another important part in an alternator are the brushes, each alternator part has its roll to play and brushes are no different.  Below are some interesting facts to give you a detailed look at what brushes are and how they work. All rotating electrical devices (starters and alternators) in today’s automotive market have one general […]


This goes a little more detail on the PMGR series starters ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Getting you  the right kit is our #1 TOP priority. Please do a quick visual identification of your starter before you purchase a kit.  Our application charts are accurate, however sometimes the wrong starter may have been installed on your vehicle by […]

22SI High amp stator

  This is for the 22SI high amp stator upgrade.  We carry a couple different options after the video you will notice a link to each of our options.  It is best to purchase the rebuild kit along with the upgrade to bring your alternator to better then factory specs.     145 High amp […]

Denso High Amp Alternator Upgrades

This is for the Denso high amp stator upgrade.  This upgrade works best along with the rebuild kit for a more complete rebuild.  There are two different sizes of stator upgrades.  You will want to be sure you order the correct on.  I have a few pictures below to help identify the correct stator upgrade […]