Denso High Amp Alternator Upgrades

This is for the Denso high amp stator upgrade.  This upgrade works best along with the rebuild kit for a more complete rebuild.  There are two different sizes of stator upgrades.  You will want to be sure you order the correct on.  I have a few pictures below to help identify the correct stator upgrade for your alternator rebuild.  The nice thing about these upgrades is we also include a new front plate with the stator dropped into the plate for a much easier rebuild.



The next picture will show how to identify which is the small frame alternator.  Then under the picture you will find a link to order the upgrade.  Look for the markings we highlighted in yellow that will be on your alternator.



Denso Small frame High Amp Upgrade


This Picture will identify a Large alternator.  Just as the above picture we highlighted the markings in yellow of what to look for.  The link to this upgrade will be located just under the picture.




Denso Large frame High Amp Upgrade