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Alternator Parts and Starter Parts

Alternator parts can be hard to obtain at times and we have made it easier for you to get your hands on them, along with starter parts.  We at Alternator Starter Rebuild Kits truly want to turn you into a rebuilder and send you the starter and alternator parts in a box.  This is where the whole idea behind rebuilder in a box came from.
Parts of the domestic and foreign alternator can be an extremely important matter for the alternator entrepreneur.  Even though our kits are specifically designed by professional rebuilders to replace the common habitual failure parts for each type of alternator, occasionally an alternator part that is normally bulletproof can be required due to extenuating circumstances.
To define and explain the key parts and components of a typical alternator, we must first observe functionality of the charging system itself. The drive belt of the engine drives the pulley of the alternator. Thus, the plates or aluminum castings and bearings from the front half of the alternator are referred to as drive end plates or drive end bearings. Normally the rotor or spinning part in the center is part of the drive end assembly.
The other half of the alternator is the end where the brushes are located. The brushes conduct a field current to the slip ring to regulate the amount of output in amps to the alternator.  This half of the alternator is referred to as the slip ring end. This half contains the slip ring end plates  and slip ring end bearings. Also typically, a slip ring half of an alternator contains the electronic components like rectifiers (to convert AC to DC) and the voltage regulator which tells the alternator how much current to put out. The stator winding is  attached to the diodes and generally splits the 2 halves apart.  Another critical alternator part is the pulley which allows the rotor to turn when the pulley is hooked up to the spinning belt that is ran by the engine.


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