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VOLTAGE REGULATOR DEFINITION The following is a definition and explanation of  the basic functions of the most popular domestic voltage regulators in the US automotive market in a timeline order that they were implemented. A voltage regulator is nothing more than a device that maintains a predetermined voltage in any electrical system. It’s function is to […]

DIODES in the Rectifier

A diode consists of a two-terminal electronic device allowing current to flow with little resistance in one direction, yet simultaneously applying a high resistance in the reverse direction. An electrical check valve : current goes through one way, but won’t go back. Although the physical appearance of a diode may appear deceptively simple, the diode […]


Another important part in an alternator are the brushes, each alternator part has its roll to play and brushes are no different.  Below are some interesting facts to give you a detailed look at what brushes are and how they work. All rotating electrical devices (starters and alternators) in today’s automotive market have one general […]

Alternator Installation

Here are a few steps in order to make your installation successful. Follow them in order. Consult owners manual to see if a computer memory tool is necessary to disable power to vehicle. Some, but not most, vehicles will loose drivability functions or clock/radio station functions.


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