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Alternator Parts | Bearings

The 3043 bearing is a common bearing in many Bosch alternators. Many Bosch alternator applications feature this large bearing in the drive end (just behind the pulley) It is best to be careful when ordering bearings for a Bosch alternator because some also have the 3036 bearing. The 3043 bearing is the same OD and […]


OAP Pulleys   Problem : Car makers of present day, in order to enhance gas mileage and overall vehicular performance, have created many new challenges for alternator manufacturers to address. The entire industry tends to use larger, heavier alternators with more internal spinning mass. This creates great amounts of inertia to be dealt with. When […]

DIODES in the Rectifier

A diode consists of a two-terminal electronic device allowing current to flow with little resistance in one direction, yet simultaneously applying a high resistance in the reverse direction. An electrical check valve : current goes through one way, but won’t go back. Although the physical appearance of a diode may appear deceptively simple, the diode […]

Alternator Installation

Here are a few steps in order to make your installation successful. Follow them in order. Consult owners manual to see if a computer memory tool is necessary to disable power to vehicle. Some, but not most, vehicles will loose drivability functions or clock/radio station functions.