6G Alternator Fmily

This is all about the Ford 6G alternator family.  Here we have a mix match of parts that have similar features.  There are 2 main types that like the 3g family, there is a lower amp at 110 Amps and a larger frame at 135 amps.  The 6G family also has 4 different types of regulators.  this is identified by our product number system with the 1 or two letters in the back “G” representing a Gray regulator, “GG” represents Gray with Green regulator, “BK” represents Black regulator, and “WB” represents a White with Blue regulator which updates to a black with white. Then the other difference between these alternators is the rectifier.  The 135 amp alternators have a larger rectifier while the 110 amp have a smaller rectifier.  We numbered our kits in order to identify easily which is the correct kit for you.  Although some vehicle applications call for either a 135 amp or a 110 amp.  In this case, you will have to measure the distance between the through bolts.  You can clearly see which one is the 135 amp from the pictures below and which is the 110 amp.

alternator family 008














110 Amp 6G alternators


alternator family 007














135 Amp 6G Alternators



High Amp upgrade banner





We offer a high amp version to the 6G family of alternators.  These typically increase the amps by 50 or more.  We solder new rectifiers on for you to help eliminate some of the rebuilding process for you.  We have the proper high amp upgrade according to the alternator kit that is yours.