Stupid Man

                             ONCE THERE WAS A VERY STUPID MAN

Unfortunately, many middle aged men in the US suffer from heart afflictions. This particular man was laying in his hospital bed, shortly after open heart surgery. Due to modern medicine and technology, the operation was a complete success. Suddenly, he jumped up out of the bed, ran to the nearest exit, and jogged around the block. 

After being severely scolded by his nurses and physician, the man smugly replied. “ Oh come on, Doc. It’s a brand new heart ! I just wanted to see what it could do. “

Of course, this is absurd. No one would really do this. Everyone knows recuperation is a slow gradual process. Immediate overexertion would surely result in another medical disaster.

This is the same thing you do to your new alternator if you install it without first charging your battery. Modern day digital voltage regulators need a slow, gradual break in period

with various loads and thermal cycling periods. Then, the regulator can be subjected to different amperage outputs without taking on “burn in” which dramatically affects life expectancy. 

A battery should be charged at a low amperage rate so that the power can be absorbed

deeply into the individual cells. A high amperage rate will achieve only a surface charge

which is typically dissipated quickly under a load (like restarting the vehicle).