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Click on an alternator below to view the how to video


Honda Starter

Honda Starter Rebuild Video

06971 Honda Starter

10Mt: The good old fashioned hi torq. A staple for chev’y gearheads.


130D: Most popular GM alt after  1995.


22SI: Mack, Freightliner, Cat, they all have it.


3G: Many Ford truck alt’s thru 2008, cars thru 1999.


37MT Heavy duty and medium duty truck starter.


42MT: The big boy. Tractor trailers and bull dozers.


4G. Alot of Fords have this alt.


5MT: Early 80’s starter for GM.


6G : Latest Ford alt.


AD The later years. GM alt.


Bosch: OEM to alot of GM alt’s. Also some Chrysler.


CS Middle 80’s to mid 90’s GM alt.


Denso Alternator: Jeep, Chrysler.


DR44: Alt for GM trucks and SUV’s.


Denso Starter: Chrysler, Toyota, Honda starter.


PMGR: If you have a Ford newer than ’91, this is UR starter.


Internal regulator Denso: The newest style. Made easy.


PG: Late model GM starter.


Valeo: OE to alot of GM, some Chrysler.


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Once, a very stupid person went to the hospital for open heart surgery. Because of the extremely high technical capabilities of today’s advanced medical facilities, the procedure was a complete success. As the patient lay in his recovery bed, he suddenly jumped up, jogged outside the building and ran around the block numerous times. After being severely scolded by his physician, his only defense was “ C’mon Doc, it’s a brand new heart.”

Ridiculous right?!!….Of course it is. Many people return to a rigorous, fulfilling lifestyle, after major surgery. The key is a gradual, sensible ramp to the end goal, for optimum results. The same is true with a newly installed alternator. Never make it over work or stress, right out of the gate. After the chip in the regulator has been through a reasonable break in period, it is more ready for a rigorous work out. Several periods of normal thermo-cycle are needed to provide a break in period, so that the regulator can achieve  optimum life expectancy. Periods of abnormal thermal cycle, during the break in time are suicidal to the chip in the voltage regulator.


Check back with us from time to time. We’ll be adding many new kits. Like Jeep starters. Also we’ll be adding some “Beefy” kits for those of you who need more power.



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