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At rebuilderinabox, NOTHING is more important than quality assurance. For decades, we have dedicated ourselves to the the acquisition of superior quality starter and alternator components. And this is no easy task, as a result of our years of rebuilding experience, we have conquered the true significance of reliability and longevity. We will warranty all of our parts for the period of 1 year. But this is not an issue. If you follow our program, you will NOT have a warranty. You will NOT have to worry about it. 


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GM’s CS144D series is optional hi amp for some vehicles but standard application on Cadillac. The D means there is a needle bearing in the back, as shown in the pic. This was manufactured with a needle bearing later than 1992. The 730 (408) type voltage regulator is only compatible in applications that it was intended for.  The exact amperage rating is not relevant to kit application. If it’s a CS144D and a 730 voltage regulator: you have the right kit.

Kit Contents : DE bearing, needle bearing with new inner race, rectifier (6 diodes), voltage regulator, brush holder ass’y, diode trio. 

Vehicle Fits

Make Model Engine Begin year End Year
BUICK LESABRE 3.8L V6 1997 1999
BUICK PARK AVENUE 3.8L V6 1996 1996
CADILLAC DEVILLE 4.6L V8 1996 1996
CADILLAC DEVILLE 4.6L V8 1998 1999
CADILLAC SEVILLE 4.6L V8 1993 1997
OLDSMOBILE 88 3.8L V6 1996 1999
OLDSMOBILE 98 3.8L V6 1996 1998
OLDSMOBILE LSS 3.8L V6 1996 1999
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 3.8L V6 Supercharged 1996 1999

help & warranty

The parent company : Performance Starter & Alternator, Inc. has been in business since 1985.  “Help” is what we’re all about. You don’t have to have any concerns whatsoever that your rebuild may not succeed. If you need help or have a question, e mail us. If you can’t understand the email, call us or leave a voice mail with your name and number. An actual starter alternator rebuilder will call you back.

If you STILL can’t get your rebuild to work, put it in a box and send it to us with your email, phone number and return adress. We will diagnose the problem for you, free of charge. Then, we will will contact you, and tell you what the problem is. At this point, you can make a choice of the following
1. We can fix the problem for you, test the unit to insure operation according to manufacturer’s spec’s, then send it back to you for a nominal fee. Of course, this price will be discussed before we do anything. And if if it’s something minor, we’ll probably fix it for free labor.
2. We can send it back to you, as is, for only the shipping charges, and you can have the satisfaction of  doing the job right for yourself.
3. You can choose to bail and ask for a refund for the cost of the parts.
                                                                               PLEASE BE ADVISED
We at Rebuilder in a Box are accustomed to happy customers. Your successful rebuild  is our success. All through the one year period of beta testing and interviews we maintained a 100% success rate and we have full intentions of maintaining that goal. So if you tend to be a little nervous…you don’t have to be. Our movies are so up close and thorough, our biggest criticizm is that we did “Too good of a job”.


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