41901 Starter



If you have the skills to remove and replace your Honda starter, then you have the ability to rebuild your own starter with the help of our  how to videos and custom rebuild kits. And that means you can SAVE BIG $$. Our kits are assembled and shipped by an actual rebuild shop established in 1985. All high quality parts in this kit are guaranteed for 3 years. Shipping is fast and free. Get the job done right and cheap without sacrificing quality!

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The step by step video is sent to you right after purchase. We show you exactly what to do, and how to do it with multiple close ups and explanations of the complete rebuild, just like the professionals. All you need is average tools from any tool box: 5/16 socket, screwdriver, hammer, pliers. Performance, Inc AKA Rebuilderinabox on the web has been selling kits and starter, alternator how to “rebuild your own” video since 2014. Specifically for 2013-2017 Accord with 2.4L engine, 2015-2016 CRVand many others.